Welcome to Paragon MC's


100% of the money earned goes straight back into running the network where it belongs.

All purchases are appreciated greatly.


General Information:

  • Check you have entered your username correctly before purchasing a package.
  • It is advised that you are online at the time of purchase.
  • Make sure you have enough inventory space before purchasing a package if required.
  • Payments can take up to 1 hour to go through.


Privacy Note:

  • All personal information submitted at the time of purchase will be kept private. It will NOT be sold or redistributed.


Important Information:

By making a purchase on the webstore, you are agreeing to any Terms and Conditions that come with doing so.

Any purchases made are subject to a non-refundable policy. This means that no refunds will be granted under any circumstances.

Any attempt made to file a claim, chargeback or dispute via PayPal will result in a permanent ban from the network and anything related.



Paragon MC is NOT affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB in any way. Do not contact them about any purchases made.