Welcome to Paragon MC's Webstore

All purchases are appreciated greatly.


General Information

  • Check you have entered your username correctly before purchasing a package.
  • It is advised that you are online at the time of purchase.
  • Make sure you have enough inventory space before purchasing a package if required.
  • Payments can take up to 1 hour to go through.


Store Help

Got any questions or concerns about the store? Want to make a purchase but not too sure what to do? Take a look at this thread on our forums, it answers many frequently asked questions. If your answer isn't listed, the thread explains how to get further help regarding the store, whether it be concerning a possible future payment or a processed payment.

Purchase Support Thread: https://paragonmc.net/forums/purchase-support-faq/

Privacy Note

  • All personal information submitted at the time of purchase will be kept private. It will NOT be sold or redistributed.


Important Information

By making a purchase on the webstore, you are agreeing to any Terms and Conditions that come with doing so.

Any purchases made are subject to a non-refundable policy. This means that no refunds will be granted under any circumstances.

Any attempt made to file a claim, chargeback or dispute via PayPal will result in a permanent ban from the network and anything related.



Paragon MC is NOT affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB in any way. Do not contact them about any purchases made.